Cataract Surgery Aftercare

Cataract Surgery Aftercare

We know how important continuity is in your treatment journey at Optimax, so your treating doctor will be actively involved in your aftercare. Optimax offers up to one year free aftercare on non-laser treatments.

On the day following your procedure, you will be seen at your consultation clinic, so you may need to stay overnight at a local hotel if travelling far. You will then attend an appointment one week after each surgery. The doctor will examine your eyes and assess your individual needs and healing.

Aftercare Appointment Programme

The treatment cost includes all aftercare until you are discharged with a satisfactory result.

  Cataract Surgery
1st visit 1–2 days
2nd visit 7–10 days
3rd visit 4–6 weeks
4th visit 3–6 months (discharge if satisfactory)

Your clarity of sight will normally return within days, however it may take up to one month before you can resume normal activities. Patients usually need three days off work, and occasionally up to a week, to ensure that your eyes are well-rested and have begun the healing process.


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