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We Preserve Enhance And Protect Your Vision.

Optimax is the UK’s longest established eye surgery specialist. Founded in 1991 we have performed over 750,000 treatments and have 19 clinics nationwide. We offer approximately 800 treatment appointments each week. Our popularity and success enables us to bring affordable eye correction treatments to more locations across the UK than ever before.

We are your first choice for Laser Eye Surgery in the UK


Russell Ambrose

Founder & First Patient

Our Story

Optimax History

The success story began when Russell Ambrose founded Optimax in response to the enthusiasm shown by London teaching hospitals about the amazing results of laser eye surgery. Optimax was one of the first private clinics to offer laser eye treatment and Russell was the first Optimax patient, never having to wear glasses or contact lenses since.

Russell says, "The most remarkable thing about having laser eye surgery all those years ago is that I have actually forgotten I ever wore glasses... which I did for over 30 years! In fact I often don't recognise myself in old photographs where I am wearing glasses."

Laser surgery has certainly changed my life. I've spent the last 30 years enthusiastically building the UK's leading laser eye specialist. When you see first hand the reaction of patients after treatment it makes everything worthwhile.

It's been great fun too, so thank you to all my loyal staff and grateful customers who have spread the word about our life changing vision correction treatments.

With our exciting plans to open many more Optimax clinics nationwide, I am certainly looking forward to the next 30 years!"

Russell's wife had treatment in 1993 and his son Simon Ambrose (Winner of BBC's The Apprentice) had LASEK treatment in April 2002, which coincided with our 100,000th treatment performed!


Our Mission

Help You See Better

At Optimax Eye Clinics, we aim to enhance the quality of life for our patients by providing world-class eye care services. We are committed to delivering exceptional vision correction solutions, utilizing cutting-edge technology, and fostering a culture of compassion and excellence.


What Our Patients Say!

Get inspired by Optimax's success stories. Read what our happy patients say about their experience with us.


Debbie Douglas

Reality TV Star
Having the treatment has really enhanced my confidence. The surgeon and the staff were fantastic.

Emma Glover

Model & Lifestyle Blogger
Having treatment at Optimax really has changed my life for the better – it’s so exciting!

John Barclay

Scottish Rugby Union Player
Honestly, my result was so good, it was suddenly hard to imagine my life before the treatment.

Ken Mundell

Activities like swimming and photography are so much more enjoyable now. The confidence it has given me is terrific.

Stephan Kyriacou

Video Editor
Having the freedom now to simply wake up and start my day with clear vision is something I will never take for granted, and I’m so pleased with my results!